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Welcome to Stable Gate!

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Welcome To Stable Gate

Welcome to the Stable Gate community website. We are delighted that you are here and hope that you find this website useful. Like all new web sites, it is an evolutionary process and we seek all your suggestions and comments.

The purpose of the site is to communicate to the owners of Stable Gate all relevant information about the community, the management of the HOA board and it's members. The site will require registration of owners of Stable Gate to access certain types of information such as financials on the HOA, the owner directories, etc.

We should all strive to create a safe and attractive neighborhood that holds and appreciates in value over time.

The Stable Gate community is a subdivision located in Cypress, Texas, just north of the intersection between Spring-Cypress and Telge. There are 230 homes in the subdivision which was built between 1999 and 2005.

If you are a Stable Gate homeowner and would like to sign up for neighborhood emails please go to the login page HERE and click on "register".

Yard of the Month


April through September

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Map of Stable Gate

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